Digital Marketing for small businesses

What are your business goals?

We analyze your company’s digital presence and hear your needs and priorities to discover the best way to get there. How can we help?


We build a Marketing Strategy that provides a specific study for your company, with an integrated view of the process to be followed to make your business more visible to your ideal client.

Our clients receive a complete study with the guidelines to be implemented, a Management Manual and a Content Marketing Workshop delivered to the team.

We work with SOSTAC methodology:

Situation – where are we now?
Objectives – where do we want to be?
Strategy – how do we get there?
Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
Action – what is our plan?
Control – did we get there?

Websites and blogs

We believe that your website is the foundation of your Marketing Strategy.

Are you aware of the importance of having up-to-date content, but don’t know where to start to create your content? Let’s start with the Content Strategy, before putting it into practice: content for the website pages, blog content creation and distribution on social networks.

A responsive website designed with your buyer persona in mind and carefully crafted content is a key asset.

To work with our methodology, we need websites with a content management system (CMS) and responsive, to help us create and maintaining content pages and a blog area easily.


With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, we analyze the company’s current digital presence with an SEO audit and content assessment (Content Audit), then we suggest the application of measures at the technical level of SEO On-page and SEO Off-page. The SEO strategy is included in Content Strategy.

Social Media

Social networks appeared around the idea of ​​creating virtual communities of users with common interests. In the business environment, social media have given new perspectives to the relationship with the customer, attracting and engaging with your content. We have 3 services: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management and Social Media Content.

We manage online advertising campaigns, from strategy, implementation, monitoring and optimization.


Email Marketing

Email is a fundamental part of an Inbound Marketing strategy, as it nurtures a proximity relationship with the users.

It is a central element in converting a visitor into a lead, and then moving them forward on their buying journey to making a buying decision and becoming a customer. Goal: Generate Leads | Build customer loyalty | Lead Nutrition

Based on the strategic vision, you can choose how to implement it. We’ll guide your team, or we can manage all the process of putting your Digital Marketing Strategy into practice.

Schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation via videoconference, where we will perform a brief diagnosis of your company’s digital presence and identify improvement opportunities.