Content Marketing

Content Marketing

the right message to the right person

Content Marketing is a strategy to engage your target audience and increase the number of potential customers through the creation and distribution of customer-relevant content that creates a positive perception of the brand.

Content Strategy is the practical application of Content Marketing.

Content Strategy

Starting with the Content Audit, gap analysis, and goal definition, the Content Strategy is at the heart of everything in marketing. We develop the strategy to achieve the brand objectives based on this information.

This step is followed by creating or/and training the client’s internal content production team, to work on the editorial line, graphics and editorial calendar.

The next phase is getting our hands on and moving on to the most fun part, which is bringing the strategy to life. We love seeing new projects being born and giving new impetus to projects with history.

Content Marketing in action

How does your business improve people’s lives? Be more relevant and assertive in your communication to get your message to the right customers: those who benefit most from your products or services.
Attract visitors to your website and optimize your content for search engines (SEO); Convert visitors into customers, moving them up the sales funnel: Build a reputation as an expert and thought leader in your business field.
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Content Marketing services

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Content Production

The creative process of content production begins with a briefing, followed by research, development of the creative solution, presentation to the client, fine-tuning, final approval and delivery of the materials.

The main challenge of Content Marketing is consistently coming up with good content ideas.

We create content in a large variety of formats, including articles for blogs or websites, infographics, ebooks, and video tutorials. We love to work on innovative technological solutions to support your content distribution.


Persona Workshop

Creating personas for your business helps you improve the way you solve your customers’ problems and needs.

This workshop focuses on the development of business personas, according to the Inbound Marketing methodology, and is aimed at service providers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The process of creating personas is crucial to the success of the strategy. And what is a persona? It is a character created based on a combination of real data, collected through various sources, which represent clusters of customers of a particular company.

After collecting information and identifying your ideal client, we’ll detect patterns and create a persona that incorporates these values.

Schedule a 30-minute videoconference call, where we’ll talk about your company’s Marketing challenges and opportunities.

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